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Are you the hero who can save the world?

What is Dungeons & Dragons?

Dungeons & Dragons is a fantasy tabletop role-playing game released by Wizards of the Coast. The game is commonly played by 3 to 6 players and is led by a so-called Dungeon Master. Their role is to create the world, lead the characters through an adventure in this world and to act as referee. Players make their own choices based on their religion, their background and their skills, and can interact with each other through role-play.

Apart from the storytelling and role-playing, combat exists as well which follows a separate set of rules. Many events, may that be fighting a mighty dragon or flirting with a bartender, are influenced by the roll of dice. With a roll of the infamous twenty-sided dice, events like these can turn out to be very succesful with a high roll or catastrophic with a low roll. It all might seem overwhelming but the game really is about having a bunch of fun with some nice people, and playing is the best way to learn!

What is Wyvern's role?

Dungeons & Dragons is a passion of many members within the Wyvern community. What started as an initial session with a small group grew out to many members happily filling their schedules and emptying their pockets for Dungeons & Dragons.

The Dungeons & Dragons committee within Wyvern consists of many experienced DMs who decided to start up the Wyvern's D&D in Delft. We hope to share the passion we have with others by making D&D accessible for experienced players and novice players (who might struggle finding a group) alike.

Wyverns Den Poster

What can you expect?

The Wyvern's League is open to anyone and players are free to join in on any session. Currently we are running an out-of-the-box adventure called Dragon Heist. We do expect players to make their own character, but fear not, the committee is happy to help.

We can explain and guide players through the process of character creation whether that be in person or in a call or chat on Discord. As for the remainder of the materials, you are free to bring your own minis and dice, but we are able to lend these out as well.